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Get involved with the Ettercap project

We are open to everyone who wants to be a part of this project and continue to make it the best MiTM tool available.

Development Efforts

The Ettercap source code is stored on the Github pages using a GIT repository. Below are the steps to you should follow to ensure you are working off the same code base as everyone else involved in the project.

$ git clone git://
$ cd ettercap

Once you moved to the rc branch you can begin to review the current source code in development.
Have a look at our Github Wiki page that provide lot of recommendations how to work with Git(hub) that help contributing to the project.
Please note that very few individuals have the ability to commit code directly within the GIT repository.

How to submit code you've worked on

1 - Once you've worked all the known bugs out of your code, commit it to your fork of Ettercap code on Github.

2 - Create a pull-request with a brief abstract of the issue you're fixing

3 - After quality checks and discussions with the core developers your changes may get merged to Ettercap's master branch

When you've been contributing to the Ettercap project in a notably fashion, you'll receive full credit as a contributor to the project within the source documentation.

Testing Efforts

When you submit your pull-request, we expect testing has already been done throughoutly. Of course during review we may also do additional testing.

Travis-CI will automatically try to build your code with various build-flag combinations and against different compilers and on different operating systems. Of course, your patch will only be accepted when this systematical build-based testing has been passed successfully.

If a specific packet pattern is related to the patch, please provide an example packet capture file so that we all are able to do the same level of testing to raise confidently and quality.

During testing, you can test however you want, but there are a few high level principles that will need to be followed:

  • Ensure you include as much information about your system as makes sense (uname -a may possibly be enough)
    • If you report a bug we need full details of what you were doing when it happened, and what you expected to happen
    • If an actual crash occurs provide the file that ettercap creates so we can review exactly what was happening when the crash occurred
  • Detail, detail, detail, the more details you can provide the better chance we have to replicate the issue and fix it.

Development & Testing Schedule

There is no fix schedule when to submit pull-requests. It's treated on demand.

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